Kuala Lumpur

As a mining outpost 100 years ago, Kuala Lumpur is now the capital city of Malaysia, with a population of 1.5 million people. Despite all the recent development, Kuala Lumpur retains plenty of character – a fascinating mixture of old and new, with sky scrapers and temples, and a colourful scene of multi-racial activity, with … Read more Kuala Lumpur


Kelantan borders Thailand in the north-eastern part of the Penisula, and shares boundaries with Perak to the west, Pahang to the south and Terengganu to the east. The State’s coastline is on the South China Sea. Traditionally, the State is a rice producer, based on the fertile, flood-prone Kelantan Delta and Plain. A large number … Read more Kelantan


Kedah is one of the border States of the north of peninsula, with access to its neighbour thailand via the road to sadao which crosses the frontier at bukit kayu hitam, near changlun. This sungai sanglang marks the boundary with Perlis to the north, and the sungai muda with province wellesley (seberang prai) to the … Read more Kedah


Malay Variety is the space in Malay Food. Even the best – known Malay ‘satay’ – cubes of meat poultry and even seaFood, marinated in a deliciously spiced sauce and then skewered on bamboo sticks, roasted over glowing charcoals, and eaten dipped in a peanut sauce. The basic pattern of Malay cooking lies in the … Read more Food

Malaysia tourism: General Information

Malaysia is a multi religious/multi ethnic federation of thirteen States in southeast Asia. The country belongs to the top of the most developed countries in the world.Geographically, Malaysia is devided in west (Peninsular) and east (Borneo) Malaysia, with the South China Sea in between. West Malaysia is made of nine sultanates, two States and two … Read more Malaysia tourism: General Information