Abdillah Aris

Abdillah Aris (Anggor Besar Island) Tel: (609) 6813288

Chalet Perhilitan

Chalet Perhilitan (Tanjung Mentong) Tel: 010-9340101

Government RestHouse

Government RestHouse (Pulau Sah Besar) Tel: 011-971611

Kenyir Boating Holidays

Kenyir Boating Holidays (pengkalan Gawi) Tel: (603) 6230170

Kenyir Lake Resort

Strategically located at Saok River, the resort is nearby the Saok Waterfall. The resort, consisting ot floating dormitories, offers rooms that cater to a wide range of budget. Each room offers scenic view of the lake and the surrounding hills and forests. Padkaged programmes are provided and you can also indulge in many types of activities here. The resort has a floating restaurant which offers Malay, Chinese and Westem food (upon request). Fresh fish that are caught from the lake are kept alive in pools, offering you excellent fresh hsh for lunch or dinner! Kenyir Lake Resort is a 30-minute boatride from pengkalan gawi, to and fro will be at no additional charge. Address Kenyir Lake Sdn Bhd E 913, 2nd Floor, Jalan Bukit Ubi, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang. Tel : 09-5146002 Fax : 09-5135687 Resort: 011-950609 (Mr. K.C. Tan / Casey)

Kenyir Woods

Kenyir Woods is a comfortable row of wooden chalets and longhouse that is designed to blend with the natural surrounding. Built on the island's slope, the chalets and longhouse offer the visitor an excellent view of lake kenyir. Its setting, amidst the tranquility of the forest by the lake, will surely provide the serenity and peace of mind to anyone visiting here. Located on kiang island, Kenyir Woods is fully equipped with basic facilities and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. In addition, a range of activities such as fishing, Canoeing, excursions will make your holiday a truly memorable one ! Kenyir Woods also provides a floating restaurant that serves sumptuous meals with local flavours to wet your appetite. From pengkalan gawi, a boat ride will approximately take 15 minutes to reach here. Address Kenyir Woods Head of fice: 89 Jalan Pudu Lama, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-2014842, 03-2015079 Fax: 03- 2015075 Kuala Terengganu Tel: 09-6238188 Fax: 09- 6230225 Kenyir Lake: 010-9837723 (Wan)

Muping Island Resort

Muping Island Resort is a unique floating longhouse in lake kenyir. The walls are made from bamboo poles tied together to make a wall that is natural, cool and airy while the a-shaped roof is from palm leaves, weaved intricately to give the resort a traditional village look.built on muping island, the resort offers cosy and traditional comfort 'kampung style' that is truly the perfect retreat for visitors. The resort provides a variety of recreational activities, among them is rafting. You must try your hands on one of these things - made from bamboo poles tied together and are easily manoeuverable ! for meals, a wide range of delicacies are provided, fresh fish straight from the lake and other types of cuisines, all home-cook and delicious ! the resort is only a 30 - minute boatride from pengkalan gawi. Address Muping Island Resort sdn bhd C/O Hundred Island Lake Resort Sdn. Bhd., Lot G 298 Jalan Besar, 21700 Kuala Berang, Terengganu. Tel : 03-7758951 (Ms. Yan) Office: 09-6811348 Fax: 09-6812197 Handphone: 011 -971839 (Francis Yan)

Musang Kenyir Resort

Musang Kenyir Resort (Tembat River) Tel: 010-9837886

Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge (lata terap) Tel: (603) 7638877

Primula Kenyir Lake Resort

The resort is located on the high ground of Poh Island which is situated opposite Pengkalan Gawi. Consisting two types of chalets, standard and superior, they are wooden i n nature and are equipped with beds, dressing tables balconies for relaxation and clean, modern sanitation. The chalets are modelled after typical village houses that can be seen dotting the countryside along the east coast. Excellent meals are served in the restaurant and guests can enjoy the scenic view of Lake Kenyir while they dined. Actvities offered by the resort such as Canoeing, boating and many More will certainly make visitors not wanting to leave for home just yet. In all, the resort has everything that you might need for an exciting holiday at Lake Kenyir. It takes only 3 minutes in a speedboat from Pengkalan Gawi to the resort. C/O Primula Beach Resort, P.O Box 43, Jln. Persinggahan, 20904 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Tel : 010-9836105, 010-9870904, 09-6222100 Fax : 09-6233360 Telex : MA 51403 KL Sales Office : 03-2487105

Remis Rakit

Situated at the crystal clear water ot petuang river, Remis Rakit offers you authenticfloating wooden longhouse, altogether 48 rooms, twin- sharing with 'tatami-mats', pillows, blankets and mosquito nekings. Modern sanitary system are provided. The resort offers full package programme without additional charge and the itineraries are arranged to provide you with the best of what lake kenyir can offer ! a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities are also available. In addition, excursions to the hve beautiful waterfalls through nature- trails are also on the agenda... All just within half to three hours of Trekking. At night you will enjoy fishing at the platform while preparing a barbecue together with friends. Remis Rakit with its strategic location and natural ambience is surely the place for you to unwind and enjoy the natural wonders of lake kenyir. It is a 60 - minute boatride to reach here from pengkalan gawi. Remis Rakit sdn bhd 125D, Jalan Besar, 21700 Kuala Berang, Terengganu. Tel / Fax: 609-6812125 Handphone: 0l9-9836125 (Mr. Yap) KL: Tel: 03-2024253 Fax: 603-2329280

Sungai Gawi Resort (Mok Sang)

The Hoating chalet of Sungai Gawi Resort is located near Tembat River. From here, you are rewarded with a view of the spectacular Tembat Waterfall and the surrounding lush tropical jungle. The resort is actually made up of a floating restaurant and a longhouse which has 'open' rooms (they do not have any windows nor doors). Instead the rooms are partitioned with open entrances that reward you with a good view of Lake Kenyir. Bamboo, wooden planks and palm leaves for the roof are the main material used to give the resort a traditional and rustic look. Traditional Malay food and fresh fish are served daily and even the coffee ground is traditionally prepared! An array of activities awaits visitors - from watersport activities to indoor games and apart from that, you can enjoy a whole day at Tembat Waterfall or visit Lata Terap nearby. With its strategic location, Sungai Gawi Resort is one of the ideal choices for a splendid holiday in Lake Kenyir. A trip from Pengkalan Gawi to the resort takes about 45 minutes by boat. Address Sungai Gawi Resort Sdn. Bhd, A 69, Taman Tasik Buht Payong, 21400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Tel. Office : 011-337326 Handphone: 010-9837886 (Mok Sang) 018-8227039 (Wong

Tasik Kenyir Golf Resort

Tel: 09-666 8888

Uncle John's Resort

Uncle John's Resort is conveniently located in a little lagoon very near the Lasir Waterfall, thus making it safe from the occassional rough wind which might blow on the lake. According to john looser, the operator of uncle john's, the design of the floating chalet is inspired by a restaurant on the river kwai. It consists of a longhouse and two houseboats moored next to it. The building, with waterproof plywood, split bamboo and 'nipah' or palm roof, is meticulously varnished .with a base deck floated by 300 barrels, the floating uncle john's is truly a cosy and natural looking chalet that promises a fantastic time for all! there are so many things one can do there. You can try any of the watersport facilities available or simply appreciate the magnificent view of the surrounding sweeping lakescape, from the comfort of your chair on the big open deck of the resort. To tempt your appetite,chinese, malay, thai and western cuisines are available and fresh fish are also served everyday. Uncle john's is also a place that maintains a high standard of cleanliness, thus you will enjoy the best of times in the cleanest of surroundings! uncle john's normally receives guests from the main dam's entry point (tenaga nasional berhad's sultan mahmud hydro electric power plant ), and the trip usually takes about 25 minutes. For reservations and information please call: The Little Traveller Sdn. Bhd., P.O Box 117, 50170 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Tel: 09-6229564 Fax :09-6229569

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