Replica ‘Dastar Dendam Tak Sudah’

Located along the Seremban ‘ Kuala Pilah road at kilometer 15. This ‘dastar’ or headrest, worn by the first head of state, was designed by Dato Besar Mohd bin Ibrahim @ Dato Laksamana Suhur Tiga Batu from Suku Tiga Batu as the official headrest of Tuanku Mohammad Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Antah, Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri … Read more

Rumah Contoh Minangkabau

Situated along jalan labu in Seremban. The rumah minangkabau is widely known to the locals as haunted house. Located next to the State Museum, it is a wooden single roofed building constructed in minangkabau styled in 1898. It has fine carvings with verses from the holy koran. The building was dismantled once in 1924 for … Read more

Wet World Pedas Hot Spring

This little gem, located close to the highway that is perfect for a day’s outing. Wet World Pedas Hot Spring which opened in 1999, is a waterpark with a difference. Along the north-south highway (plus), it is 13km. From Seremban and for those travelling on the north-south highway, you can take the senawang turn-off or … Read more

Ulu Bendul Recreation

Situated 16 km from Seremban on the way to Kuala Pilah / Sri Menanti, this recreation garden is surrounded by mountains an ideal spot to relax away from the bustling town. Lying near the foot of the 2500 ft Mount Angsana, fresh water from the streams flows into the man made lake. This recreational park … Read more

State Secretariat Building

Built in 1987, this building takes the function of administering all the districts. Located in the same compound is the Dewan Persekutuan. The third building in the Dewan Undangan Negeri, designed in the famous Minangkabau architecture.

State Museum

The State Museum is situated within the Cultural Handicraft Complex (kompleks taman seni budaya). Built entirely of wood, old historical artifacts of the state are kept here. This was formerly the old palace at kampung ampang tinggi and it has been assembled within this complex. Situated next to the State Museum is the ‘rumah minang’ … Read more