Island and Beaches

Tulai Island

Tulai Island lies at the northeast of tioman, which, from the air looks like a giant bat resting with its wings outstretched. The waters, unbelievably clear and calm sees to the delightful of scuba divers and snorkels. One can take a boat to reach the island. Tulai Island, like Tioman Island is a marine park to protect the delicate ecosystem. Activities such as water-skiing, speedboat racing, spear fishing, collection of corals and other aquatic life are banned. Nevertheless, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and underwater photography are allowed.

Balok & Beserah Beach

Balok beach, a wind surfers paradise is only 15 km north of Kuantan. Many of the activities here revolve around the string of international resorts and hotels doted along the beach. Balok beach with its soothing tropical breezes and swaying casurina trees makes for the perfect getaway to malaysia's east coast. Its long white sandy beaches, coupled with azure seas offer the most pleasurable relaxation. The fishing village of Beserah is well-known locally for its salted fish. However,a unique practice has evolved here of using buffaloes to transport fish from boats on the beach to the areas for processing. Water buffaloes, More associated with ploughing padi fields or drawing carts are not normally seen on beaches and this appears to be the only place in malaysia where this happens.only 10 km from Kuantan, Beserah also houses a batik factory and many cottage handicraft workshops, which produce items mainly of seashells and local plant materials.

Chendor Beach

About 10 kilometres from Cherating is the famous Chendor Beach. Here, from early july to september, you can watch green turtles or occasionally giant leatherback turtles toil ashore to lay eggs. It's a ritual worth experiencing. Besides the turtles, Chendor Beach offers some fine bathing spots. The greatest advantage is the peace and seclusion you will enjoy at this resort.

Cherating Beach

The golden beaches of Cherating are excellent for a host of leisure activities - sun bask, jet ski or wind surf if you wish. A unique feature is the rustic atmosphere in the village where you will enjoy the warm hospitality and friendliness of the local folks. *Watch the village maidens weave 'pandan' and 'mengkuang' leaves into hats, bags and mats. *Learn the art of batik painting at the various batik shops available. *Shop at the numerous handicraft shops for exciting souvenirs. *Experience staying at the various typical kampung -style chalets. *International class hotels are also available along this long stretch of coastline. *Asia's first Club Mediterrenean is located in Cherating. Eighty-one hectars of lush park land, two separate bays and four miles of white shimmering sandy beach make this exclusive resort.

Teluk Chempedak Beach

This delightful beach is only 5 km from Kuantan. Two world-class hotels are located here. Teluk cempedak is an excellent beach for sailing, surfing, jet-skiing and sunbathing. Souvenir and handicraft shops are all within walking distance. Beyond the main beach, there are excluded bathing spots. Ardent sun-lovers can jungle-trek through the TC Forest Reserve into idyllic Pelindung beach. An alternative route will lead you to the Teruntum Park which has a mini zoo-children and adults alike will have fun and relaxation. Close by is the Royal Golf Club for golf enthusiasts.

Ular Island (Pulau Ular)

The name may sound frightful yet it is a haven for fishing lovers. Facing a quaint coastal riverine village at Sungai Ular (Snake River), Pulau Ular, a small rocky island is barely 20-minutes away by boat. The local villagers seem to say that the name was inspired by water snakes found at the estuary as well as on the island. Fishing is the main activity here.

Places of Interest

Nature and Adventure


  • Kuantan
  • Gua Charah
  • Gunung Tapis Park
  • Indera Mahkota Agricultural Park
  • Kuantan infocraft
  • Lake Chini
  • Sungai Kenau
  • Sungai Pandan Waterfalls
  • Tanjung Pelindung
  • Turtle Sanctuary and Information Center


  • Pahang Silk Weaving Centre
  • Pekan
  • Pulau Keladi Cultural Village
  • State Museum
  • The Royal Palace
  • The Tun Razak Memorial Hall

Taman Negara

(National Park)

  • Taman Negara


  • Jerantut
  • Kota Gelanggi

Island and Beaches

Tioman Island

  • Tioman Island
  • Tioman Marine Park
  • Tulai Island


  • Balok & Beserah Beaches
  • Chendor Beach
  • Cherating Beach
  • Teluk Chempedak Beach
  • Ular Island


  • Nenasi Beach

Kuala Rompin

  • Lanjut Beach

Kuala Lipis

  • Fort Kempas
  • Fort Lukut
  • Kota Lukut Museum Complex
  • Port Dickson
  • Raja Jumaat's Fort
  • Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse / Cape Rachado


  • Air panas Bentong
  • Bentong
  • Chamang Waterfalls
  • Lentang Forest Recreational Park


  • Gunung Senyum Cave
  • Lake Bera
  • Temerloh


  • Jeram Besu
  • Lata Jarum
  • Raub

Kuala Rompin

  • Endau Rompin Park
  • Kuala Rompin
  • Tanjung Gemok
  • The Orang Asli
  • Raja Jumaat's Fort
  • Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse / Cape Rachado


  • Cameron Highlands
  • Fraser's Hill
  • Genting Highlands



  • Citiview Hotel
  • Classic Hotel
  • Exclusive LA Hotel
  • Grand Champagne Hotel
  • Greenlast Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Continental
  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Hyatt regency Kuantan
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Mega View Hotel
  • M.S Garden Hotel
  • Pacific Hotel
  • Persona Adventure Camp G. Tapis
  • Shahzan Inn
  • Suraya Hotel
  • Vistana Hotel


  • Club med Cherating
  • Eastern pavilion Cherating
  • Grand Ocean Resort
  • Holiday villa Cherating resort
  • Impiana Resort
  • Lis Na Ree Resort
  • Mariana Beach Resort
  • Ranting Resort
  • Residence inn Cherating
  • The Legend Resort
  • Turtle Bay Beach Resort


  • Pahang Riverview


  • Batu Hitam Resort
  • Belia Perkasa Hotel
  • De Rhu Beach Resort
  • Duta Sands Resort
  • Le Village Beach Resort


  • Homestead Beach Resort
  • Jelai Beach Resort
  • Kabana Resort
  • Swiss-Garden Resort
  • Tamukami Beach Resort

Paya Bungor

  • Jelai Lake Resort


  • Bukit Tinggi Resort Golf Club
  • Selesa Hillhomes Golf Resort

Kuala Rompin

  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Lanjut Golden Beach Resort
  • Summerset Colonial Hotel & Villas

Kuala Lipis

  • Persona Rimba Camp Kenong


  • Mutiara Taman Negara
  • Nusa Camp
  • Tekam Plantation Resort


  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Persona Lake Resort, Tasik Bera

Tioman Island

  • Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort
  • Berjaya Tioman Suites
  • Genting Jaya Resort
  • Persona Island Resort
  • Sun Beach Resort
  • Tioman Paya Resort

Fraser's Hill

  • Fraser's Pine Resort
  • Jelai Highland Resort
  • Silver Park Holiday Resort
  • The Smokehouse

Genting Highland

  • Awana Resort
  • First World Hotel
  • Genting Hotel
  • Genting View Resort
  • Highlands hotel
  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Resort Hotel
  • Ria Apartments
  • Theme Park Hotel

Cameron Highlands

  • Equatorial Hillresort
  • Heritage Hotel
  • Rainbow Hotel
  • Rosa Passadena Hotel
  • Shahzan Inn
  • Strawberry Park Resort
  • The Cool Point Hotel
  • The Smokehouse
  • More


Dining & Entertainment


  • Kuantan parade
  • Megamall
  • Ocean Supermarket
  • Handicraft Centre
  • Kong Chan Goldsmith
  • T.C Souvenir
  • T.K.C Hi-Fi
  • More


  • Dislee Cake House
  • Mikee Bakery
  • Cottage Grill & Pub
  • E & E Restaurant
  • Fontane Romane
  • Indera Mahkota Restaurant
  • Restoran Pattaya
  • Swan Seafoods
  • Taro Teppanyaki
  • Thomson Steakhouse
  • Zul's Satay
  • Legends Karaoke
  • Sha Re Karaoke

cameron Highlands

  • Jasmine Restaurant

Tioman Island

  • Fortune Court Restaurant
  • More

Sports & Recreation

Travel Services


  • Astana Golf & Country Club
  • Outdoor Sports

Fraser's Hill

  • Fraser's Hill golf & country club
  • More


  • Avis Rent-A-Car
  • Budget Rent-A-Car
  • Eastern Skyline Travel
  • Hawk Rent A Car
  • Hong Voon Holdings
  • Mayflower Acme Tours
  • Yafo Travel & Tours
  • Angie Fashion
  • Fine Collection Antique
  • Lanwin Fesyen
  • More

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