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Balai Besar Palace

Built in 1840 by Sultan Mahmud II, the palace situated in the vicinity of the State Mosque. It was formerly the residence of the Kelantanese sultans but now it is only used as the venue for the state functions. The palace has a large audience hall, a throne room and a collection of royal regalia.

Cultural Zone

Many of the tourist attractions in kota bharu are conveniently located in the Cultural Zone, thus making for easy access. Take a leisurely stroll down jalan sultan and jalan hilir kota and check out these places. They offer an invaluable insight into history of Kelantan. Opening hours are from 10.30 am to 5.45 pm daily except Friday. Admission is free except for the Royal Museum.

Fishing Village

No visit to Kelantan would be complete without a trip to a Fishing Village, dubbed "the soul of malaysia's east coast". Two of the most well-known villages are the sabak beach and kuala besar. If you wish to fully capture the moment, you should arrive no later than 2.30 pm when the boats laden with the day's catch are first spotted on the horizon. As they come ashore, their intricately carved prows are a riot of colours. Then the bargaining begins between wholesalers and the fisherman- a noisy but Interesting ritual. You will also be able to witness other related activities such as fish-curing and the mending of nets.

Gunung Stong

Take off to Gunung Stong Kelantan's highest mountain at 1422 metres. Located here is a cave, gua ikan (fish cave). Its name is derived from a solitary rock that looks like a fish. To cave explorers on an expedition, part of the lure is trying to find a pot of gold believed to have been hidden during the japanese occupation.

Handicraft Village and Craft Museum

Kelantan's exquisite range of handicrafts which include silverware, 'songket', 'batik' and woodcarvings are displayed and sold here. Opening hours : 8.30 am - 4.45 pm daily (except Fridays)

Islamic Museum

The history of Islam in Kelantan is well documented in the artifacts and inscriptions exhibited here. The establishment of the museum reflects the importance of the state as a centre of Islamic learning. Opening hours : 8.30 am - 4.45 pm daily (except Fridays)

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