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Bewah and Taat Caves

Bewah and Taat Caves Located in the national park, Bewah and Taat Caves are two towering limestone hills that abound with mysteries and legends. The mountains, occassionally shrouded in mists, provide some of the spectacular sights of lake kenyir that will surely captivate your imagination. Before the inundation, Mount Bewah has three entrances and the lowest, the Tok Bidan Cave,now submerged, is the site where archaeologists and historians discovered artifacts such as kitchen utensils, axes and tools that dated back to the Neolithic era (4000 B.C.).You can now visit the Mount Bewah Caves through the two visible entrances while Mount Taat nearby has only one main entrance.lnside these caves you can see various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites and it is advisable to bring along a torch light when you explore these caves especially in Bewah where it is darker. Thought to be important ancient routes used by the previous people inhabiting the surrounding areas, Mount Bewah and Taat still hold many secrets of the past. Further excavations are now being planned by the authorities to unravel its mysteries. Ketengah, with the cooperation from the State Museum and othergovernment agencies, has planned to provide proper access stairs to the two caves, apart trom basic amenities.Among the other proposed development projects are a mini museum, a jetty, adesignated fishing area, lighting in the caves and picnic and resting sites. For the More adventurous, hiking trails within the vicinity will be provided. The caves are expected to become a top tourist atvaction once the basic facilities proposed are completed. Safe exploration of the caves by visitors would be the main priority in the proposed development strategies. Bewah and Taat Caves beckon anyone to uncover its mystenes, and definitely is worth a visit ! it takes approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours by boat to reach these caves from pengkalan gawi.

Lasir Waterfall

Lasir Waterfall is one of the many spectacular waterfalls within lake kenyir. A majestic fall about 500 feet high, lasir drops gracefully into multi-tiered levels of boulders forming cascading showers of white foaming sprays of water. Ponds of water are available at each of the 5 levels of Lasir and one can enjoy a cold refreshing bath here. The fall, as at all falls in Kenyir, is well shaded by the canopy of the surrounding forest. You cannot actually tell which is colder, to stay in the water or out of it ! As with other falls within Kenyir, the area is proposed to be an activity-oriented or nondevelopment area whereby no large structure or heavy physical developmentwill be allowed. This is to ensure that the natural environment will not be hurt and spoilt. Man-made structures will be built to coexist and blend with the natural surrounding. Lasir is located about 16 km to the south of Pengkalan Gawi and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes by boat to reach here. From Gawi, Lasir is the perfect choice for a family to have a splendid day at the waterfall! A flat area at the highest level would be an excellent camping site upon the completion of an access trail or pathway. Plans are on the way to label all the trees within the vicinity with scientific and local names, and this will definitely add Interesting information to visitors. Lasir will soon have More facilities such as a jetty, a rest hut and a suspended bridge. Apan from these, facilities such as toilets, changing rooms and stairways will soon be available. To make it More Interesting, camping sites and jungle Trekking trails will also be provided. Visitors to Lasir will probably have to consider spending a few days More than initially planned !

Other Waterfalls Around Tasik Kenyir

Snok waterfall is a favourite spot for picnickers and nature lovers, the fall is beautiful sight of cascading water over rock terraces and boulders. A flat sandy ground found at the base of the falls is ideal for picnics. Tembat waterfall is a beautiful gradual series of flowing water on boulders and ridges. It is composed of 5 rapids with fast flowing streams that form a cascading waterfall. Camping side and hiking trail are available by the waterfall. Other beautiful waterfalls in the vicinity of Tasik Kenyir are Petang, Lebam-Terengganu, Lata Terap and Pertung.

Saok Waterfall

Located on the eastern shore of Besar Island, it is a 15 to 20 - minute boatride from Gawi. A favourite spot for picnickers and nature lovers, the fall is a beautiful sight of cascading wateroverrock terraces and boulders. To feel the cool, rejuvenating water of Saok is simply an experience not to be missed. At the ground level, there is a flat sandy area perfectly sized for a whole family to have a picnic and for children to have a fun-frolic time ! The authorities have several development plans for the area. With the visitors' convenience in mind, structures such as walkways orfootpaths will soon be constructed. A new jetty is also planned to provide easier berthing for boats coming to and fro. Activities will also be carried out to beautify the surrounding landscape, apan from the basic amenities and facilities which will be constructed soon. Saok is a unique waterfall at Lake Kenyir, and a must - visit !

Tembat Waterfall

Located on the Tembat River, the waterfall is a beautiful gradual series of flowing water on boulders and edges. Unlike Lasir and Saok, Tembat is actually composed of five rapids with fast Nowing streams to form a cascading waterfall. It is a very popular spot for visitors and campers as there is a camping site by the fall which can accommodate a fairly large group easily. In addition, there is also a hiking trail which will enable you to reach the top and from that vantage point you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the waterfall. From Gawi to Tembat you only need a 45 to 60-minute boatride.

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Nature and Adventure

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