When asked what Food they would associate with the Indian sub-continent would be bound to reply ‘curry’, little realising that not every spices dish is a curry and curry is not just one dish. It includes to the spices and herbs used in varying combinations. spices, imaginatively used, are the most important features of Indian … Read more


Cookery writers who specialise in Chinese Food constantly equate the merits of a Chinese meal with the qualities of a good novel – it must starts immediately with a situation and follow through with characterization and suspense. The secret of Chinese cooking lies in its preparation. Food is sliced, shredded or cut according to certain … Read more


Variety is the space in Malay Food. Even the best – known Malay ‘satay’ – cubes of meat poultry and even seaFood, marinated in a deliciously spiced sauce and then skewered on bamboo sticks, roasted over glowing charcoals, and eaten dipped in a peanut sauce. The basic pattern of Malay cooking lies in the preparation … Read more