Indians make up less than 10 percent of the population of Malaysia today, but their culture is pervasive in towns and cities. With few exceptions they all come from south india, and approximately 80 percent are tamils and hindus. There are small numbers of sikhs, Malayees, telugus and parsis. Indian muslims came to Malaysia and … Read more


Chinese population makes up only 35 percent of the country’s total, yet their presence in and control of major industries such a rubber and import and export companies would seem to make their numbers far greater. Most of the Chinese are taoist buddhist, and splendidly colourful temples display their curled and embellished roofs and walls … Read more


The Malays, long linked to the land as bumiputra, or sons or princes of the soil, generally prefer the sound of a cock crowing in the morning and crickets at night to noisy traffic horns and congested sidewalks. As farmers and fishermen living in close-knit neighbourhoods, rural Malays cherish the simplicity of an uncluttered outdoor … Read more