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Kl's very own Chinatown is beehive of sounds and activities. Pre-war shops and open-air roadside stalls teem with shoppers in search bargains ranging from dresses and shoes to fabrics, costume jewellery, dried and pickled foodstuffs, fruits and herbal remedies. Treat your taste buds to a variety of delicious knick-knack, drinks and fruits. Have fun bargaining with the hawkers; things are pretty inexpensive if you have the upper hand in the fine art of negotiations!

Church of the Holy Rosary

This is a lovely cathedral-style building built in classic European design, with intricate spires and steeples. The only concession to its location in Asia are the Chinese calligraphics on its facade. The Catholic church caters mainly to the Chinese-speaking community. It's spacious front lawns give it an excellent perspective for photographs.

Deer Park

Deer Park, where hinds, does amd fawns representing some of the smaller species roam freely in the cool shade of the trees. It's not unusual to see them coming up close to visitors to be fed. Close to the bubbling stream at the edge of the valley are several little mousedeer - the world's smallest hoofed animal and a popular figure in local folklore because of its legendary wit and cunning.

Hibiscus Garden

With More than 500 varieties of rare and exotic blooms ranging from the single petal variety to the multiple petal variety in ariot of colours and shades.


Located along jalan hishamuddin is Infokraf, aninformation centre for malaysian handicraft, housed within a beautifully renovated ols moorish styled building. The centre provides details' on cultural background, current research developments and export potential. The gallery contains a fascinating range of selected items on permanent display. Attractive souvenirs ingeniously fashioned out of local materials are also available for purchase.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia located at the jalan lembah perdana houses various themed galleries. Among the galleries found here is the islamic architecture gallery which showcases miniature replicas of renowned buildings such as the taj mahal, imam ismail albukhary mosque and museum and the amir timur mausoleum.apart from this gallery is the standard chartered ottoman room which displays objects from the reign of the ottoman empire of turkey and syria. In the al-quran and manuscript gallery is a collection of More than 200 islamic manuscripts which include a 30-judz' al-quran from the ming : 10am - 6pm, tuesday - sunday. closed : monday. Admission : rm8. Jalan lembah perdana. Tel : 03-2074 2020

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