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Cultural Handicraft Complex

Cultural Handicraft Complex housed on a four-hectare site at jalan labu, this complex is specially-designed with the splendour touch of the minangkabaus. Various handicrafts and historic items of the state are displayed here. Demonstrations of handicraft works are also held. Within the complex are megaliths - the replica of Fort Kempas. Cultural shows and traditional games are also performed here.

Pedas Hot Spring

It is located on the 16km road from Seremban on the way to Tampin. Rooms are provided for those who like to feel the natural warm baths at reasonable prices. There are also restaurants providing delicious Negeri Sembilan dishes.

Seremban Lake Gardens

A garden with impressive contours and landscape which make it good for strolls and jogs by morning and evening. For those who have relaxation in mind, it also almost shady all day long at the park with the various kinds of big trees in the surroundings. There are also ample concrete benches overlooking the lake where visitors can sit back and enjoy the evening breeze. Nearby, there are food stalls under canopies to satisfy one's appetite.

Sri Menanti Palace

This palace is built with 99 pillars depicting the 99 this warriors of the various luak-luak (clans). A grandeur of the past, built entirely of wood, this building is contructed in 1902. This palace beautifully designed with the building elements bearing intricate carvings of some varied local motifs. Situated within a beautiful surrounding, the palace will soon be turned into a Royal Museum. Operation : Mon-Sun 10am-6pm Fri 10am - 12:15pm & 2:45pm-6pm

State Library

The building was built in 1912 by an englishman b.p habback with the assistance of the state's public works department. Situated within the area of the Seremban lake, the features of the building has the characteritics of the colonial days. This former State Secretariat Building is now the State Library.

State Mosque

The State Mosque is adorned with nine pillars which symbolize the nine districts. The pillar jut out at all corners of the building and on top of each pillar is a crescent and a star to represent 'enlightenment' for the muslim. Poised from the inside, the calmness of the mind seems to seep through the scenic view of the Seremban lake.

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