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Auyin Hill Resort

auyin2 Located at Durian Tunggal, AuYin Hill is a 9.5km drive from the turn off the Ayer Keroh road just before the toll plaza of the North-West highway.

The Place
the Auyin Hill Resort is the first and only resort constructed based on the philosophy of "feng shui" ( geomancy ). It is a fascinating garden based on chinese mythologies and legends with spectacular gateways and pavilions.


Every element has been placed relative to the principle of celestial and terrestrial positioning accuracy to enhance its charm, "chi"(power) and prosperity.

auyin4 Once you reach the hill you will be greeted by a magnificent drive towards a gallant stretch of wall colored light blue, resembling the great wall of China. Intended and succeeding to provide a Chinese outlook in all it's element, architecture, ornamentation, furnishing, décor and art, it showcases "little China" in spiritual religious, practical and mystical charm of china.

auyin5 Adorned on the cemented rocks are Chinese characters, as well as illumination of Chinese mythology and dietary, including the Chinese Monkey God dresses up in typical Chinese style that is both extravagant as it is beautiful.

auyin1 Souvenir Shop
before entering the main stage area, one will have to walk through a Souvenir Shop that sells a host of ceramic pottery (designed like ming dynasty) statues, videos and host of other kinds of chinese memorabilia and peripheral. jade ornamentation jewelry, vases, ornaments (superstitious and religious in one) and many more. Catering to typical chinese beliefs in feng shui and other ideologies.

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