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Dodol durian
The original Dodol and durian Dodol are the most popular amongst malaysians. Made only from the finest natural ingredients, these famous malaysian cakes are probably one of those few rare traditional food products that has survived modern-day proliferation and are still being produced using traditional recipes. Ingredients to make Dodol durian are coconut flower juice, coconut milk, palm sugar, glutinous rice/durian.

Gula Melaka
Derived from the tropical coconut tree, coco nucifera. Juice is collected from the flowering stalks of specially selected coconut trees twice a day. This juice is then cooked for a few hours until it becomes concentrated. Then, it is poured into bamboo moulds to form pure Gula Melaka. The Gula Melaka does not contain any type of additive or artificial colouring. It can be used as a natural sweetener… good for making cakes and other desserts, food coating or mixed with drinks and beverages. To make Gula Melaka, ingredients needed are coconut flower juice and lime.

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