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hinava Hinava Tongii
"Hinava Tongii" or pickled spanish mackerel ( ikan tenggiri) is a very popular Sabahan's food.

It is an absolutely delicious combination of spanking fresh fish (ikan tenggiri), red chillies, shredded ginger and sliced shallots, the whole lot drenched with lime juice which "cook" the fish. The lime juice is the curing agent so that the dish can be stored for a few days.

Where you can find it? One of the few Kadazan's restaurants to try authentic Kadazan's food is at :

Yun Chuan Kedai Kopi & Makan,
Block 1, Lot 8,
Penampang New Town, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

You can also find it at the market stall or small stall within a coffee shop or simple restaurant. Hotel buffets also often serve the Hinava.

"Hinava Tongii" is the Kadazan speciality. But it's also famous at Sarawak especially among the Melanau people.

It is simple but delicious ! Normally, it's will served with rice during lunch or dinner time.

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