Hungry Ghost Festival

This festival is celebrated by Buddhists and Taoists on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month. It is believed that the Gates of Hell are opened on this day and all the hungry imprisoned spirits rush out in search of food. There are many tales associated with the festival but perhaps the most Interesting is the story of forbidden love.

Legend has it that two childhood sweethearts forbidden to marry by their parents ended their lives by jumping from a Bridge.

Several days later, the search party found a single talk of lotus bearing twin flowers growing under the bridge. Today, the festival is celebrated day by holding religious ceromonies at homes, temples. Associations and guilds.

Prayers are offered to dead and offerings of food such of chickens, vegetables, fruits, beancurd and white rice are placed at street corners and roadsides for the spirits. The chinese believe that this will prevent wandering spirits from entering their homes and cause disturbance in their households.