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Istana jahar / state museum

in 1887, sultan mahmud the second built istana jahar for his grandson, long kundur. Today, the palace has been converted into a museum by the state government. Visitors will be enthralled by the photos, exhibits and artifacts on kelantan's cultural village as well as the museum's intricate wood carvings, testimony to the fine craftsmanship of the kelantanese. Opening hours : 8.30 am - 4.45 pm daily (except fridays)

Kelantan state building

situated just beside the istana balai besar, it was built during the reign of sultan muhamad iv and completed in 1889. A magnificent piece of architecture with intricately carved beams and wooden panels, the istana jahar which is a historical landmarks is now converted into state museum. visiting hours: 10.30am-6.00pm closed on wednesday.

Kuala krai museum and mini zoo

ocated in kuala krai about 64km from kota bahru, the mini zoo is home to a variety of animals such as bears, deer, monkeys and birds. The mini musem houses a collection of preserved animals as well as photographs and documents relating to the founding of kuala krai. Opening hours : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm daily (except fridays)

Merdeka square / kota sultan ismail

the merdeka square was the site of many historical events in particular the declaration of the independence of malaysia on 31st august 1957.

Royal museum / istana batu

built in 1939 during the reign of sultan ismail, the royal museum is housed within the istana batu, previously used as the venue for royal weddings and as a guest house for royalty. Today, it serves as a repository for regalia and palace items belonging to formers sultans. the exhibitions include silverware, bedroom items and furniture from the royal household. A photo exhibition of the late sultan of kelantan is also on display.

Second world war memorial / bank kerapu

this historic building presently serves as a repository for memorabilia and documents relating to the japanese occupation during world war ii. opening hours : 8.30 am - 4.45 pm daily (except fridays)

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