Nature and Adventure

Mahsuri Tomb

The Mahsuri Mausoleum is located about 12 km north west of the main town of Kuah. A trip to Langkawi would not be completed without visiting the tomb Mahsuri the island's most famous legendary figure. Mahsuri was a beautiful lady who was unjustly accused of adultery. The story goes that she proved her innocence when white blood streamed from her.body at her execution. As she lay dying cried out in anguish and placed a curse on Langkawi that the island would barren for seven generations. Seven generations have passes, and today, Langkawi blossoms with development projects. The Mahsuri Mausoleum Complex marks the spot where Mahsuri lies buried. Within the ground of mausoleum are souvenir shops and stalls. There are also displays of the life styles of 'old Langkawi ' such as method of milling of rice, lulling baby to sleep and traditional music.

Padang Mahsirat

Padang Masirat (The field of burnt rice) or Mat Sirat as it is called was once the site of Kampung Raja, the ancient capital of Langkawi. It is believed that the village used to be the residence of Datuk Kerma Jaya, the headman who sentenced Mahsuri to death. During Langkawi's heyday, the rice's granary was located in this village. It was here that hot surplus rice stock and those that were deducted as taxes were kept. When the Siamese invaded Langkawi in 1821, Datuk Kerma Jaya, upon defeat, ordered the burning of the granary to starve the enemy. The burnt rice is said to have buried below ground and that till today, signs of their existence can still be seen after a downpour. The spot where the rice is found is called Beras Terbakar (Burnt Rice) and many have claimed to have come across these burnt rice.

Sangkar Ikan Langkawi

Located in a sheltered beach at penarak, 3km from kuah town, the Sangkar Ikan Langkawi (Langkawi fish farm) is a novel attraction for tourists as they can view first hand how fish are bred in their natural environment. Popular table fish such as seabass, seabrem, garoupa, red snapper as well as shellfish and squid are bred commercially. The farm offers visitors the opportunity to try their hand at fishing for a small fee. Visitors can have their catch cooked by the restaurant located at the farm if they wish or sample its wide range of seafood delights.

Tanjung Rhu

About 20 km from Kuah, the beautiful beach of Pantai Rhu has a coastline rich with coral and marine life. Named after the shady casuarina trees which was found in abundance in the area, one can walk across the sandy spread that joins the beach to the neighbouring island at low tide. This is a favourite picnic spot.

Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of Pregnant Maiden)

The Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden) is situated on Langkawi's second largest island, Pulau Dayang Bunting. Measuring 800 by 350 m, the fresh water lake is protected from all sides by steep forested cliffs and is separated from the sea by a narrow wall of limestones. It derived its name from a legend that tells of a couple married for 19 years but remained childless. Subsequently the wife became pregnant after having drunk from the lake. Thereafter, this plave has been frequented by many childless couple.

Telaga Air Hangat (Hot Springs)

Telaga Air Hangat has its own fascinating legend. The Hot Springs is said to be the result of a bitter quarrel between two families because of a rejected offer of marriage. A battle ensued between them and everything was shattered including all the pots, plates and saucers. A jugful of hot water was flung to the ground and where it spilt, is the Hot Springs.

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