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Nature and Adventure
drsee drsee D R Seenivasagam Park
The fresh atmosphere and variety of flora are the main attractions of this popular recreational park in Ipoh. Located in the heart of Ipoh City. The garden is made up of several recreational fields, an artificial lake that contains various types of fishes and a nursery for potted plants.Children can enjoy several recreational and amusement facilities such as the roller-skating rink, a playground, a mini-train course and a children's traffic playground. There are also beautiful arches, modular framework, shelters, pedestrian paths and the Ipoh tree which gave the city its name. The latest addition is the newly landscaped Japanese Garden featuring a typical Japanese Carps pond. Named after a prominent and well natured politician, D R Seenivasagam, this park is ideal for brisk walks and family outings. Many families come here to relax amidst the profusion of greenery and to bid farewell to the setting sun.
geologi geologi Geological Museum
As the name suggests, the Geological Museum houses More than 600 samples of minerals and ores found in the state of Perak. Among the minerals recovered from the local grounds are copper, coal, galena, hematite, iron, tungsten, sulphur, calcite, corundum, gold, wolframite, monazite, and alluvium. Established in 1957, the Geological Museum is also famous for its display of the best specimen of cassiterite in the world. There is also the impressive collection of fossils, precious stones and various rock specimens found and collected over the years. Located at jalan sultan azlan shah in Ipoh city. Opening hours : 8am to 4.15pm (monday to friday) 8am to 12.45pm (saturday). Admission is free*
*permission for entry must be obtained beforehand at the information counter.
gtpurung Gua Tempurong
Believed to have existed since 800 b.c. Gua Tempurong is probably the largest natural limestone cave in malaysia. Situated about 24 kilometres from Ipoh, the cave stretches fro 1.3 kilometres and is made up of five huge domes whose ceilings resemble coconut shells. Each dome has different formations of stalagmites and stalactites as well as differing temperatures, water levels, content of limestone and marble.
Gunung Lang
The Gunung Lang recreation park, off jalan Kuala Kangsar, is an ideal location to relax the mind and the body. It is built around a scenic backdrop of limestone hills and lakes. Here, there is minimal cutting of hills and the surrounding lakes and wetlands are left untouched as added attractions. Among the attractions here are the manmade cascading waterfalls atop a limestone hill, a two-kilometre boardwalk over swampland, viewing tower and a playground. Public amenities like washrooms and prayer rooms are available. Soon, there will be an aviary and a flower garden along the lines of the celebrated buchart garden in vancouver, canada, camping ground, hanging bridge and handicraft stalls. Besides Gunung Lang, other well known recreational sites in Ipoh are taman d.r. And sultan abdul aziz parks.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
For Christians there is always been a place for them to perform their prayer, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church just located in Jalan Sungai Pari.
171, Jalan Sungai Pari,
Taman Pertama,
Ipoh 30100,
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel : 05-253 3927
hkintawf Hulu Kinta Waterfall
Big splash! Definitely a favourite haunt by locals during the weekends and holidays. The water from the waterfall is so cool and refreshing. Located near to the Police Field Force North Brigade base.

Place of Interest
Nature and Adventure
Kuala Kangsar
. Istana Hulu
. Istana Iskandariah
. Kampung Hulu Kenas Waterfall
. King's Pavilion
. Kuala Kangsar clock tower
. Kuala Kangsar town
. Malay College
. Pavillion Square Tower
. Raban Lake
. Royal Museum
. Taman Persisiran Sungai
. The First Rubber Tree
. The Keris Monument
. Ubudiah Mosque

Kinta - Ipoh
. Birch Memorial Clock Tower
. Bukit Keledang
. Buntong Waterfalls
. Chendrong Church
. Church of Praise
. Darul Ridzuan Museum
. D R Seenivasagam Park
. Geological Museum
. Gua Tempurong
. Gunung Lang
. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
. Hulu Kinta Waterfall
. Indian Temple
. Japanese Garden
. Kallumalai Temple
. Kek Lok Tong
. Kellie's Castle
. Perak Cultural Centre
. Perak Tong
. Poh San Teng
. Railway Station
. Sam Poh Tong
. State Mosque

Kinta - Tambun
. Tambun Caves
. Tambun Hot Springs

Kinta - Chemor
. Ulu Chepor

Kinta - Tanjung Rambutan
. National Stud Farm
. Tanjung Rambutan Waterfall

Larut Matang - Taiping
. Batu Kurau
. British Resident's Residence (1877)
. Bukit Gantang
. Bukit Larut / Maxwell Hill
. Burmese Pool
. Chinese Tombs
. Coronation Park
. Fort Carnavon
. General Hospital
. Guan Hin Chan, 19 Cross Street No. 4
. Jebong Forest Reserve
. Kapitan Chung Keng Kooi's Townhouse
. King Edward VII School
. Kota Mosque
. Kota Ngah Ibrahim Historical Complex
. Lady Treacher Girls' School
. Long Jaafar Old Fort
. Malay States Guides Barracks
. Matang Mangrove Forest
. Ngah Ibrahim Fort
. Ng Boo Bee Fountain
. Old Kota Mosque
. Old Police Station
. Old Saints Church
. Peking Hotel
. Perak Museum (1883)
. Port Weld (Kuala Sepetang)
. Post and Telegraph Office
. Prison (1885)
. Pulau Tiga Handicraft Centre
. Rest House (1870)
. St George's Institution
. Taiping Convent
. Taiping Government Offices
. Taiping
. Taiping lake gardens
. Taiping market
. Taiping public library
. Taiping war cemetery
. Taiping zoo
. Tengku Menteri's Residence
. The Keling Mosque
. The Secretary to Resident's House
. Town Rest House

Larut Matang - Selama
. Selama Waterfall

Manjung - Pangkor Island
. Batu Bersurat (Sacred Rock)
. Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort)
. Pangkor Village
. Snake Man of Teluk Gedung

Manjung - Lumut
. Lumut
. Lumut clock tower
. TLDM Complex

. Changkat Kruing

Perak Tengah - Pasir Salak
. Dato' Maharaja Lela's Fortress
. James W.W. Birch's Grave
. Kutai Houses
. Pasir Salak Cultural Centre
. Pasir Salak Historical Complex
. Pasir Salak Mosque
. Perak Darul Ridzuan warriors' memorial
. Sipuntum's Gravesite
. The Rela Rentaka Monument

Perak Tengah - Bota
. River Terrapin Breeding Project

Perak Tengah - Parit
. Cempaka Sari Park

. Bukit Merah Lake Town
. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary
. Tok Ali Cannon

Batang Padang
. Menderang

Batang Padang - Sungkai
. Sungkai Deer Farm

Batang Padang - tapah
. Aborigines Settlement
. Kuala Woh Recreational Forest
. Lata Iskandar
. Lata Kinjang
. Lata Sungai Bil
. Orang Asli Handicraft Centre

Hilir Perak - Teluk Intan
. Teluk Intan
. Teluk Intan leaning tower

Hulu Perak
. Baring Peak
. Belum Forest Reserve
. Inai Park
. Lata Batu Tergantung
. Lata Kekabu
. Mount Kenderong
. Pengkalan Hulu Lake Garden
. 'Perak Man' Cave
. Puteri Cave
. Tampan Fort
. Tanjung Kala
. Temenggor Lake

Island and Beaches
Manjung - Lumut
. Pantai Pasir Panjang
. Teluk Batik Beach
. Teluk Rubiah

Manjung - Pangkor Island
. Nipah Bay / Teluk Nipah
. Pangkor Island
. Pangkor Laut Resort
. Pantai Puteri Dewi
. Pantai Pasir Bogak
. Pulau Sembilan

Manjung - Pulau Banding
. Pulau Banding
. Pulau Bubung
. Pulau Chiong
. Pulau Perhilitan
. Pulau Tekam
. Pulau Tujuh

. Casuarina Parkroyal
. Heritage Hotel
. Hillcity Hotel & Condo
. Hotel Excelsior
. Hotel Seri Malaysia
. Ritz Garden Hotel
. Syuen Hotel

Pangkor Island
. Pangkor Laut Resort
. Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts
. Suria Beach Resort
. Sri Bayu Beach Resort
. Teluk Dalam Resort Pangkor

. Damai Laut Golf & Country Club
. Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments
. Swiss-Garden Resort Damai Laut
. The Orient Star Resort

. Hotel Seri Malaysia

. Banding Island Resort

. Laketown Inn (Bukit Merah Laketown Resort)

. Trolak Country Resort

Pasir Salak
. Pasir Salak riverine resort

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. Citra Ceremic
. Handicraft Development Corporation of Malaysia
. Ipoh garden plaza
. Kraf Semanggol
. Kuala Kangsar souvenir stalls
. Local Fruits
. Lumut souvenir stalls
. Mariwasa Kraftangan
. "Pasar Malam" - Night Market
. Pasir Salak souvenir
. Pulau Tiga Handicraft Centre
. Super Kinta Supermarket
. Yik Foong Complex

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Dining and Entertainment
. Brownies Coffee House
. Malaysia Raya Restaurant
. Mikado Pub & Restaurant
. Perwira Restaurant
. Sea Food Restaurant
. Sukiyaki Steamboat Centre
. Tai Thong Restaurant
. The Nanyang Home Cooking

. Discovery Disco . KTV

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Sports and Recreation
. Bamboo Work of Art
. DBI Sports Complex
. Labu Sayong
. Perak River Safari
. Rebana Cottage Industry

. Batang Padang golf club
. Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club
. Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort
. Damai Laut Golf & Country Club
. Kinta Golf Club
. Kuala Kangsar golf club
. Meru Valley Golf & Country Club
. Pan Pacific Golf Resort
. Samudera Golf Resort
. Royal Perak Golf Club
. Royal Teluk Rubiah country club
. Rural & Country Golf Club

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Travel Services
. Emas Express
. Express Utara
. Indah Express
. Inter-Pacific Travel & Tours
. Mayflower Acme Tours
. National Express
. Railway Station
. Rangkaian Mewah
. Raya Express
. Santero Express

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