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bktkubu Hutan lipur bukit kubu
hutan lipur bukit kubu is a natural limestone cave in a forested limestone hill known as wang pinang, located near kuala perlis. The cave is an interesting geological formation. Bukit kubu is now a 'cave park', sheltered and ideal for joggers and ave trekkers.
kangar Kangar
kangar, 56km north-west of alor setar, is the state capital set amidst a vast expanse of green padi fields that turn a golden yellow or harvest time. A major landmark of the town is the state mosque, masjid alwi. A small town, kangar's stadium, general hospital, hotels and schools are all within walking distance.
almarhum Kota al marhum kayang
in the same vicinity are located the burial grounds of two of the 16th century sultans of kedah. These are now seen as simple mausoleums marked by grave stones with remnants of wood used to mark the site.

nearby, too is an area of land believed to be the site of one of the sultan's palaces surrounded on each side by limestone hills. This is reminiscent of the palace built by almarhum sultan dhiauddin almukaram shah of the late 16th centuey who had given the name of the indera kayangan to perlis then. Two of the sultan's personal efforts are still evident today. One is a partially-enclosed spring which supplied fresh mineral water to the palace and is still seen intact today. The other is the canal built by the sultan in about 1680 connecting alor setar to his palace in kuala perlis and from the palace to the burial grounds, thus permitting boat passages between the points.

kualap Kuala perlis
located at the estuarine delta of the sungai perlis, kuala perlis is a port, functionally. About 10 thousand people reside in this somewhat muddled but quaintly attactive town where fishing is an industry and everything else related to the industry is a major item in the shops and warehouses. Kuala perlis is the second biggest town in the state. It is also the entry and exit point to phuket island and other coastal towns and villages of southern thailand as well as to pulau langkawi. *kuala perlis is noted for its local fast food, laksa, i.e, rice noodles dipped in spiced fish soup with sliced onions and cucumber to add.
melatil Melati lake
tasik melati is a small but picturesque lake located in a partially marshy lowland about 8 kilometres north of kangar. The lake is shallow. More than 150 sandbars-islands may be seen all over the lake. Sampan can be rowed to these tiny 'islands'. Elevated walkways are also found over the waters of the lake, providing vantage view points and seating for visitors. There is also a parameter walkway as well as phone kiosks and toilet facilities. The lake has recently been stock with fish.
snakef Snake farm
the snake farm at sungai batu pahat houses a large collection of live snakea in large open-air enclosures. Primarily meant as a research facility to develop and test serums for treatment for snake bites, it also offers scientific data and research findings related to snakes. It is open daily from 10.00am to 4.15pm
admission fee : adult rm2.00
child rm1.00

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