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Snake Temple

Situated at Sungai Kluang near the Bayan Lepas airport, this temple was built in 1850 in memory of the Buddhist priest, Choo Sor Kong, who is believed to have healing powers. Legend, however, States that the place used to be home of a religious man who gave shelter to poisonous snakes of varying sizes and colours. Visitors to the temple today can still see many of these snakes slithering on the altars and other parts of the temple. Visiting hours are from morning to late evening. Admission is free.

Sri Mariamman Temple

The temple, built in 1883, features fascinating sculptures of gods and goddesses over its main entrance and on its facade. Housed within its ornately decorated interior is the priceless statue of Lord Subramaniam embellished with gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds. The statue figures prominently in the annual Thaipusam festival when it is borne on a silver chariot through the city streets to the temple at Jalan Waterfall. Opening Hours: Morning to late evening Permission to enter must be obtained from temple officials.

St George Church

Located in Farquhar Street, this Anglican Church is one of the oldest landmarks in the country. It was built in 1818 by convicts and at the entrance is a memorial canopy in remembrance od Captain Francis Light, when he first landed in Penang. Services in English at 8.30 am and 6.30 pm every Sunday.

State Assembly Buildings

Situated along Lebuh Light, this handsome ensemble of buildings with Greek porticos dates back to the mid 19th century and was formerly served as Police Courts.

State Mosque

The State Mosque features elegant modern architecture and took four years to complete. It can accommodate 5,000 worshippers for congregational prayers and is usually packed on fridays. Permission to enter must be obtained from the state religious department, lebuh pantai. Visitors must dress appropriately and remove their shoes before entering.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

At Lorong Burmah, this Buddhist temple of Thai architecture houses the world's third largest reclining Buddha, measuring 33 metres long. Behind the statue are ums where the ashes of the devotees are kept. As its name implies, this is a Siamese Buddhist temple. There is a board in the temple that shows the generous donation given by the Thai Government to built this temple. Opening hours are from early morning to late evening and photography is not allowed inside the temple. Admission is free.

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