1-Stop International Food Garden

Culinary delights from across the globe are available at one convinient location, at the 1-Stop International Food Garden at midlands park centre. Wether you are in the mood for western or asian cuisine, you will probably find our diverse range of gastronomic offerings very tempting indeed. Level 6, Midlands Park Centres, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang. Tel : 604-226 3820 Fax : 604-226 3810

Along Gurney Drive

The endless variety of Penang food reflects the different cooking styles and tastes of its multi-racial population. There is a mouth-watering selection of Chinese, Malay, Indian cuisine to sample, not to mention the irresistable hawker far from makeshift roadside stalls. The stretch of sidewalk at Gurney Drive teems with carts and steaming woks as hawker furiously stir ingredients in the evening in trying to cope with many orders.


Chikuyo-Tei, japan's leading food chain-your answer to good japanese dining. We serve genuine japanese favourites : tempura, teppanyaki, shushi plus a delightful variety of menu-selections to suit all palates. The City Bayview Hotel 25-A, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang. Tel : 04-635 175/ 635 176

Coca Restaurant

Experience authentic Thai-style steamboat with evryone's favourite Special Coca Sauce. 3rd Floor, Island Plaza, Penang. Tel : 604-890 6808

Eden Seafood Village

Amidst the grandeur of unique coral chandelier and floral batik ceiling highlights, Eden Village boasts the friendliest Malaysian home dining atmosphere. You're always welcome to browse over the local market-like seafood displays and extensive wine offerings before selling down to relish our master chef's exquisite culibary creations and the happily ever after. Wine and dine to your heart's delight with the glittering stars under the evening stars under the evening sky. Let the roaming breezes caress you loosen up to the live music and colourful cultural dances. Don't forget to capture these wonderous moments with your camera for you to cheerish. Our open carefree atmosphere and attentive kebaya-clad waitresses will surely entice you to come back for More. Tel : 04-811 1236

E-Park Cafe

An air freshness prevails at the beautifully-landscaped grounds of E-Park Cafe. Sit back and enjoy our renowned specialities like fish head curry and chicken in plum sauce. E-Park Resort Condominium, 2, Jalan Batu Uban, Block 2C, Ground Floor, 11700 Penang. Tel : 604-659 0572 Fax : 604-659 4362

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