Awana Kijal beach & golf resort

KM28, Jalan KemamanDungun, 24100 Kijal, Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel: 09-864 1188 Fax: 09-864 1688

Tanjong Jara Resort

Tanjong Jara Resort is situated on the east coast of peninsular malaysia and lies mid-way between Kuala Terengganu in the north and kuantan to the south. The resort is built on a sprawling 17-hectare beachfront site facing the south china sea. Originally built in 1979, the resort was awarded one of the world’s foremost prizes for architecture, the prestigious aga khan award. And although it has recently been extensively renovated to the standards of a modern deluxe international resort, its original beauty has been preserved, and even enhanced. The look and feel reflects a combination of styles from within the malay archipelago, the philosophy being to assure guests an experience that is unmistakably malay. Batu 8 off Dungun, 23009 Dungun, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-845 1100, 844 1801/804 Fax : 09-845 1200

Gem Beach Resort

Gem Beach Resort is a newly built beachfront resort close to the traditional fishing village of Batu Rakit, 29km from Kuala Terengganu city center and 18km from Kuala Terengganu sultan mahmud airport, on the north east coast of peninsular malaysia. The resort is set amidst landscaped gardens and is surrounded by natural tropical vegetation in this peaceful and undeveloped area of Terengganu. It faces clean sandy beaches fringed by coconut palms, which extend away on either side as far as the eyes can see. The proximity of this attractive traditional fishing village provides resort guests with the opportunity of seeing the fishermen land their catch each day. Some is processed into salt fish or fish crackers that can be seen being sun dried close by. Location : lot 2135 mukim Batu Rakit, Mengabang Lekar, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Trengganu Darul Iman. Postal address : Lot 2135 mukim Batu Rakit, Mengabang Lekar, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Trengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-669 5910 Fax : 09-669 5920 Reservation centre : lot 2135 mukim Batu Rakit, Mengabang Lekar, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Trengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-669 5910 Fax : 09-669 5920 ,

Gem Island resort

In a far sighted move to preserve the natural marine environment, the Malaysian government has given many of its islands legal protection by banning fishing in the immediate vicinity and forbidding the collection of corals and other forms of marine life. One of the island as yet known only to a few is Pulau Gemia, lying close to its larger neighbour, Pulau Kapas, about 15 minutes from the mainland by speedboat. Until comparatively recently Pulau Gemia lay mysterious, peaceful and deserted, the haunt of turtles, sea eagles and terns, known only to those who came to explore its wonderful coral formations and marine life. Location : Off Marang, Pulau Gemia, 21600 Trengganu Darul Iman. Postal address : Lot 2135 mukim Batu Rakit, Mengabang Lekar, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Trengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-6245110, 010-9836361, 09-6236200 Fax : 09-6245109 Reservation centre : lot 2135 mukim Batu Rakit, Mengabang Lekar, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Trengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-669 5910 Fax : 09-669 5920 ,

Cheneh Recreation & Resort

Cheneh Recreation & Resort was developed in a peaceful, calm and serene envinmoent well suited for family outings and adventure individuals. In addition to that, Cheneh Recreation & Resort is also well equiped with training and accomodation facilities, recreation facilities for your comfort and convinience. Address: Cheneh Recreation & Resort Bandar Cheneh Baru, 24000 Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman.

Residence Resort

In tht quiet laid back village of Paka, Residence Resort offer a peaceful retreat amidst the luxury of modern amenities and personalised service. For Reservations & Enquiries: Paka, Terengganu: Tel : 09-827 3366, 8263281, 8263396, 8261211 Fax : 09-8263281 Kuala Lumpur: Tel: (603) 244 3480 Fax: (603) 248 1177

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort

Located on the north of the marine aradise of Redang Island. Beach fronted with powder-white sands, with crystal clear and calm waters of the bay of teluk dalam kecil, encouraging a wide range of water activities. Recreational facilities include swimming pool, tennis courts, video games and pool room, padi dive centres, jungle Trekking, tours around the island and watersports. Pulau Redang, P.O. Box 126, Main Post Office, 20928 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Tel : 09-697 3988 Fax : 09-697 380 Level 19, Shahzan Prudental Tower, 30 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-242 9611 Fax : 03-244 2527 Tollfree : 800 8188 (Malaysia)

Redang Island resort

66/22-1, Jalan Sultan Omar, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-622 4612 Fax : 09-622 6118

Primula Kapas Island village resort

Pulau Kapas, Terengganu Darul Iman. Tel : 09-623 6110 / 010-984 9931, 010-9833752 Fax : 09-623 3360

Perhentian Island resort

22nd Floor, Menara Promet, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-244 8530/31/32, 2480811 Fax : 03-243 4984

Places of Interest

Nature and Adventure

Kuala Terengganu

  • Bukit Puteri
  • Cultural Centre
  • Istana Maziah
  • Kampung Cina
  • Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah
  • State Museum
  • Terengganu Planetarium
  • The Abidin Mosque
  • Waterfront
  • Wisma Darul Iman


  • Chendering
  • Sutra Semai Centre


  • Ceralak waterfalls


  • Sekayu waterfalls


  • Merang


  • Penarik

Kenyir Lake

  • Bewah and Taat Caves
  • Lasir Waterfall
  • Kenyir Lake
  • Other Waterfalls
  • Around Tasik Kenyir
  • Saok Waterfall
  • Tembat Waterfall


  • Bukit Belatan Waterfall

Pasir Raja

  • Pasir Raja


  • Lata Temakoh


  • Cenderung Waterfalls & Kuala Benum
  • Rapids


  • Kijal


  • Marang


  • LA Hot Springs
  • Lata Tembakah Waterfalls

Bandar Permaisuri

  • Setiu Recreational Park

Island and Beaches

  • Bidong Island
  • Duyung Island
  • Kapas Island
  • Perhentian Island
  • Redang Island
  • Tenggol Island
  • Batu Buruk Beach
  • Bukit Keluang Beach
  • Rantau Abang Beach
  • Tanjung Jara Beach
  • More


Kuala Terengganu

  • Anggulia Beach Resort
  • Batu Buruk Beach resort
  • Gem Isle
  • Hotel Grand Continental
  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Permai Park Inn Interational
  • Primula Beach Resort
  • Primula Parkroyal
  • Qurata Riverside

Kenyir Lake

  • Abdillah Aris
  • Chalet Perhilitan
  • Government RestHouse
  • Kenyir Boating Holidays
  • Kenyir Lake resort
  • Kenyir Woods
  • Muping Island Resort
  • Muping Island Resort
  • Musang Kenyir Resort
  • Nature Lodge
  • Primula Kenyir Lake resort
  • Remis Rakit
  • Sungai Gawi Resort
  • Tasik Kenyir Golf Resort
  • Uncle John's Resort


  • Awana Kijal beach & golf resort


  • Tanjong Jara Resort

Batu Rakit

  • Gem Beach Resort

Gemia Island

  • Gem Island Resort


  • Cheneh Recreation & Resort


  • Residence Resort

Redang Island

  • Berjaya Redang Beach Resort
  • Redang Island resort

Kapas Island

  • Primula Kapas Island village resort

Perhentian Island

  • Perhentian Island resort


  • Hotel Seri Malaysia
  • Marang resort


  • Primula Besut resort


  • Sutra Beach Resort
  • More


Dining & Entertainment

  • Central Market
  • Desa Craft
  • Handicraft Centre
  • Songket/Batik
  • Terengganu Craft Cultural Central
  • More
  • Pengkalan Budaya
  • More

Sports & Recreation

Travel Services

  • 4WD Adventures
  • Angling
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing
  • Cave Exploration
  • Diving/Snorkelling
  • Sailing/Wind Surfing
  • Trekking
  • More
  • Asia Pasific Airlines
  • Omega Leisure Sdn Bhd
  • Perpel Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.
  • S.I Travel
  • Terengganu Tourist Centre
  • More

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