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Nature and Adventure
planet Terengganu Planetarium
The Terengganu Planetarium complex is located at padang hiliran at the foothill of bukit besar, the highest hill in Kuala Terengganu. The permanent exhibitions on astronomy, science and technology is open to the public. At the 30 space theater, a state of art universal projector simulates an image of stars and planets of the sky onto a large doomed roof. Both Terengganu enterprenues development foundation and state science centre offices are also situted in the complex.
abidin The Abidin Mosque
The Abidin Mosque situated at kampung masjid was originally know as the white mosque or the big mosque. The timber structure building was built by sultan zainal abidin ii between the year1793 - 1808. During the reign of sultan umar, it was replace by a stone structure building. A unique islamic architecture feature of the mosque is the caligraphy of the verses from the holy quran prayers and arabesques which were carved onto the entrance door and the grilles of the mosque.
waterfr Waterfront
Visitors to the Waterfront of Kuala Terengganu will be in awe of and fascinated by the hustle and bustle of activities taking place there. Stroll down the Waterfront and watch fishmongers haggling for the price of fish and other seafood, or take a boat ride to one of the many beautiful surrounding islands. Another appealing alternative is to take a passenger boat to seberang takir, where the most incredible view of the south china sea can be seen.
wisma Wisma Darul Iman
The administrative nucleus of the Terengganu state government, the imposing 18-storey modern building is a symbol of the state's progress and properity. There are four stories housing the offices of the state's chief minister and the state sectary, the state assembly hall and main state departments.

Place of Interest
Nature and Adventure
Kuala Terengganu
. Bukit Puteri
. Cultural Centre
. Istana Maziah
. Kampung Cina
. Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah
. State Museum
. Terengganu Planetarium
. The Abidin Mosque
. Waterfront
. Wisma Darul Iman

. Chendering
. Sutra Semai Centre

. Ceralak waterfalls

. Sekayu waterfalls

. Merang

. Penarik

Kenyir Lake
. Bewah and Taat Caves
. Lasir Waterfall
. Kenyir Lake
. Other Waterfalls
Around Tasik Kenyir

. Saok Waterfall
. Tembat Waterfall

. Bukit Belatan Waterfall

Pasir Raja
. Pasir Raja

. Lata Temakoh

. Cenderung Waterfalls & Kuala Benum Rapids

. Kijal

. Marang

. LA Hot Springs
. Lata Tembakah Waterfalls

Bandar Permaisuri
. Setiu Recreational Park

Island and Beaches
. Bidong Island
. Duyung Island
. Kapas Island
. Perhentian Island
. Redang Island
. Tenggol Island

. Batu Buruk Beach
. Bukit Keluang Beach
. Rantau Abang Beach
. Tanjung Jara Beach

Kuala Terengganu
. Anggulia Beach Resort
. Batu Buruk Beach resort
. Gem Isle
. Hotel Grand Continental
. Hotel Seri Malaysia
. Permai Park Inn Interational
. Primula Beach Resort
. Primula Parkroyal
. Qurata Riverside

Kenyir Lake
. Abdillah Aris
. Chalet Perhilitan
. Government RestHouse
. Kenyir Boating Holidays
. Kenyir Lake resort
. Kenyir Woods
. Muping Island Resort
. Musang Kenyir Resort
. Nature Lodge
. Primula Kenyir Lake resort
. Remis Rakit
. Sungai Gawi Resort
. Tasik Kenyir Golf Resort
. Uncle John's Resort

Awana Kijal beach & golf resort

Tanjong Jara Resort

Batu Rakit
. Gem Beach Resort

Gemia Island
. Gem Island Resort

. Cheneh Recreation & Resort

. Residence Resort

Redang Island
. Berjaya Redang Beach Resort
. Redang Island resort

Kapas Island
. Primula Kapas Island village resort

Perhentian Island
. Perhentian Island resort

. Hotel Seri Malaysia
. Marang resort

. Primula Besut resort

. Sutra Beach Resort

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. Central Market
. Desa Craft
. Handicraft Centre
. Songket/Batik
. Terengganu Craft Cultural Central

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Dining & Entertainment
. Pengkalan Budaya

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Sports & Recreation
. 4WD Adventures
. Angling
. Bird Watching
. Canoeing
. Cave Exploration
. Diving/Snorkelling
. Sailing/Wind Surfing
. Trekking

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Travel Services
. Asia Pasific Airlines
. Omega Leisure Sdn Bhd
. Perpel Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.
. S.I Travel
. Terengganu Tourist Centre

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